New Year already?!?

Is 11 days late too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR? Well, either way, Happy 2019! Geez…2019, two thousand nineteen, Twenty-Nineteen… still trying to wrap my head around that. I’m pretty sure I’m still stuck in 2007 ready to celebrate my 21st birthday and live up this freedom (cue the club music and line up the shots)

Maybe I should back up a little… I think I need to start out with a quick apology. Last year I was so excited about starting a blog I never thought how much time actually goes into it. Bringing myself to reality where it is definitely is not 2007, I’m now 32 and 9pm is the new midnight, I am Married to an amazing husband, have 2 beautiful (but oh so needy) toddlers, a full time job,  always making time for working out and let’s not forget about also trying to squeeze in some much needed self-care here and there. Taking time to sit down and write a blog post kind of fell far down on my to-do list. So I’m sorry if you were expecting something amazing and didn’t get it. I was a little let down myself, but here I am coming at it again with a fresh mind set, hoping not to bore you and ready to give this place a little more attention😊

I’ve set a lot of great intentions for myself this year and I’m going to try with all I’ve got to make my dreams a lifestyle that come effortlessly not something that I’m trying to force. Interested in what I’m working on for myself? Stay tuned on my next blog.

Are you a resolution setter or just a go getter?