When the Weekend High is Gone…

To say that I had a great weekend would be an understatement. My weekend was absolutely perfect! The balance of adulting time, mom time, and family time was one of the best it has been in a LONG time. I’ll be honest, I was expecting a pretty hectic weekend since my husband was out of town on a fishing trip, enjoying his much needed guy time, but some how the stars aligned for a weekend that felt almost magical.

Prior to the weekend arriving, I already knew one part would be great, my bestie was coming to town on Saturday and spending the night!!! Girls Night!!! As excited as I was, I knew that I’d have to split my time with her with my kids. Both of my kids absolutely love her and she loves them but sometimes I just want to talk endlessly UNINTERRUPTED and enjoy some girl time.  Prior to her arrival, I took the kids to go visit grandma for a little bit and magically she offered to watch BOTH of my kids the entire day while I go out and enjoy some quality girl time! I couldn’t pass up that offer and literally grabbed my stuff and ran out of her house (before she changed her mind), got in the car and listened to the most non kid friendly music I could the whole drive home. I’m not sure why that is, but when I’m given a little freedom I always feel like I need to blast some extremely Explicit tunes in the car. FREEDOM!!!!

Not that anyone really cares about the details of what we did, or maybe you do, I’ll save that for another time… but I have to share one part because if you are local to Orange County this place is a must to check out! If you have any sort of a sweet tooth this will be a little bit of heaven. The House of Chimney Cakes…











Now, tell me those don’t look absolutely delicious. Maybe Chocolate Chip Cookies or Matcha aren’t your jam but I’m sure they have something for your taste! Seriously, every bite was glorious!

Good food, good company and quality time made for a great balanced weekend but man… today is tough. I mean, Monday’s are hard enough, but Monday after an amazingly perfect weekend are really tough. I miss the high I felt this weekend from great friends, delicious food and a perfect life balance. This Monday was hard a hard one but thankfully the day is almost done.

Cheers to it being almost Tuesday… that’s one day closer to Friday! 🙂



Hello 2018!

Can you believe it is the beginning of a new year already? This year started out a little different than normal for us. We rang in the New Year on a vacation in Lake Tahoe. Ever since having babies (almost 3 years ago) I can, unfortunately, count the number of vacations we have taken on less than one hand. But this year, on a whim, two weeks before the year ended, I planned a little something different for us and it sure was worth it! Best part about it, we were able to bring my brother in-law and his wife, who also happens to be my best friend, with us. Talk about the makings for a fun trip.


I’ve been contently avoiding vacations because Holden and Harper are so little and well NAP TIME holds me hostage daily and did I mention they would have to share a room to go to sleep??? Just the thought of it gave me anxiety. I wanted to enjoy a vacation not be woken up all night to my kids waking each other up or throwing sleepy tantrums all day because of missed naps.

To my surprise, nap times on a different schedule and bed time in the same room was a complete success!!!! (Tossing confetti) Because we had so much going on during the day no one was ever begging for a nap and by the time bed time came it was a breeze from all the excitement and fun we had.


Both Kids had a blast in the snow and even went tubing all by themselves. I definitely had a mom moment when I realized my babies were having fun tubing without mom and dad… time slow down!!! We even had the opportunity to put Holden in Ski school for 2 days and our little man was a champ, he’s already begging to get some more time on the snow.


After our trip was over and we began our 7 1/2 hour dive home, I began to reflect on how my life has changed since kids in ways both wonderful and challenging, bringing me to the creation of this blog…

Being a mom, in all its highs, is really hard at times. The constant need to be there for others, endless diapers, cooking (healthy) meals, dealing with tantrums, schedules, potty training, teaching new things, even the worries that come at the end of the night when everyone is quietly sleeping and you’re silently wondering if you’ve been a good enough mom today or what you could have done better.

On our drive home I realized  2018  was going to be a great year for me and for my family. I’ve set a few goals for myself and I’m going to share them with you:

  1. Focus on having more “me” time. I can only give my husband and kids the best version of me if I am happy, mentally rested and recharged.
  2. Dedicate more time to “us” (my husband and I). If it weren’t for our love and romance we wouldn’t have gotten married and had babies. I want my kids to grow up seeing what a happy and healthy relationship looks like. So, with Date Nights few and far between and 2 little ones taking the majority of our attention during the days, scheduled date nights are in our future  ***Send any recommendations on awesome home dates for when the kids are sleeping!!*** Or send over a free babysitter 🙂
  3. Set aside Family time – Make time to make memories in new places with our kids, even if that means messing up a nap or two a few times a month!
  4. EXERCISE – gym time, me time, recharge. I will be fully utilizing my new pass to 9Round (Which I’m sure I’ll write a blog on soon) It’s an awesome way to get out and de-stress to be able to tackle another day!

Making my number one priory about me was a hard decision and even harder to admit (I didn’t want to write it in that order because I might be judged as a bad mom) but the truth is in order for me to be the best mom I can be I have to make sure I am mentally well rested to give my husband and kids my best.

I’d love to hear all of your 2018 goals!