Patience is a virtue…

I’ll be honest, I just googled the definition of virtue. I’ve heard the saying “patience is a virtue” time and time again, heck, I even say it myself when I’m feeling flustered, but what exactly does virtue mean??? And what ever it truly means, I’m pretty sure I don’t have it 🙈

After reading that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must not have very high moral standards or be “righteous” because, what seems like far too often, I run out of patience or realize my threshold of tolerance is REALLY low.

Where were the warnings and red flashing lights when I was thinking of having a baby that tell you what you are really about to get yourself into?? It doesn’t help that with social media we all seem to portray the best, easiest, glorified, happiest moments and not the raw truth of what goes on behind closed doors daily (🙋🏻‍♀️ guilty as charged). An actual day in the life of a parent (of a testing toddler or sleepless newborn or both!) is a little less glorious and not quite as full of unicorns and rainbows I had thought it was going to be.

Parenting is tough and we should all get an award for it and throw ourselves a little party every now and again for surviving the day-to-day! I can say, I definitely appreciate my parents a WHOLE lot more since becoming a parent myself and have made a few apologies to them for how I was when I was little (Thank you Karma for allowing me to now experience what I put my parents through 30+ years ago).

Let’s be honest for a moment… as wonderful, loving, funny and absolutely adorable as kids are, they cry.. ALOT, they throw tantrums ALOT, they test you and push your buttons ALOT. Any parent with a kid who knows the word mom has heard the infamous…Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mom, (ahhhhh.. I heard you the first 14 [Hundred] times) all while tugging at your leg or shirt, and teaching your kids to share don’t even get me started on that right now. Did I mention they cry alot? Actually, truth is, the crying probably started because you gave them the wrong color cup, put the wrong shirt on, or didn’t let them play with the kitchen knife they saw you using…  I swear kids are like a ticking time bomb and you are never 100% sure when they are going to go off.

Meet my two children, Holden and Harper.

It is during these moments I usually begin to wonder why I had babies or how long this phase lasts. But then almost magically and what feels like just moments later, the cries stop and I hear “I luh you Mommy” or I find myself wrapped in hugs and giggles and laughs. And that’s when you remember how awesome and amazing having children is! The love and joy you get from a little human that you created and brought into this world fills your soul and the patience returns and you start all over again.

As much as I may have vented above (or just told the truth about my life), if you are a parent or have been around kids, you know what I said is true, and I’m sure you’ve found yourself feeling the same… and if you haven’t please message me with your secrets!  The days when you are tired (exhausted) and just want a little rest (aka hibernate for 2 weeks alone), but your child just wants to keep on going, or they feel like skipping their nap today, those are the hardest days but some how we make it to the next. We make it to the special moments that fill us with love and laughter.


The moments where your kids are getting along and loving eachother, the quiet moments together and sleepy time cuddles, the moment when you’ve had a long day at work and when you pick up your son from daycare you see that he picked a special flower just for you and hands it to you while saying I love you mommy. It’s all those little things that bring the patience back.

Above all, finding time to get out and recharge is the most important for me! Something as simple as grocery shopping alone to getting a massage or mani/pedi or catching up with some girlfriends, those are the thing that revitalize me best. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband that knows that I need these moments too and has never once hesitated to let me get out of the house for what ever it might be, and I am truly thankful for that.

How do you find your patience when life gets crazy? If you can’t get out of the house and you feel like you’re about to lose it what are some of your go to’s? I’d love to hear them all! I read this (photo below) in a magazine once and I will say I may have used it once or twice…

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 2.54.52 PM