This is Me

This is me, on an average day. No filter, no staging, no makeup, nothing artificial, just me.

Since the Myspace days I have always been quite a bit of a social media butterfly… posting, liking, loving, sharing on all social sites. I’ve always enjoyed being able to keep up with old friends and see all the fun adventures that they embark on from the convenience of my phone or computer. Within the last year, I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in profiles to be a lot more unrealistic, staged, filtered, and edited with the perfect level of aperture. Honestly, I miss the days when the most edited photos were the ones with frames, an instagram filter, and using the radial tilt shift to try and get that perfect blurry background. Which was almost always never perfect. As I have noticed this change in social media I have found myself on it less and less. Not wanting to post and not really interacting with others.

Coming into this new year I decided that fake must go so I unfollowed quite a few profiles and pages who just weren’t giving me what I wanted. As I’ve started this journey of creating the best version of myself and setting mindful intentions I’m trying to make my life a lot more organic, fun, easy and truthful. You don’t like what you see, unfollow me! Lol. Seriously though, I’m not on social media to see how many followers I can get or show off a picture that took hours of editing or an hour of staging to get just right, I’m there to connect and enjoy.

This year I’m hoping that I have so much fun living in the moments and memories that I’m making that I forget to reach for my phone, I forget to stop having conversations with the people in front of me so I can post a picture. I guess you can say that is also one of this years intentions, Less Screen time, more Meaningful time. Not saying I’m never going to take a picture again, just hoping to capture the best candids and fun moments.

As we move deeper in to this year I challenge you be true to yourself, live organically, don’t live for the likes, and dare to be different than the rest.